21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all. I've diagnosed with placenta posteria. is it normal and delivery ke time pe Koi problem toh nahi hogi. earlier I had Two missed abortions.

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Answer: hi
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    Kalpana Panwar813 days ago

    Thanks for the advice

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Question: Hi.. I had 1 forced abortion in 2011 and then 2 missed abortions in 2016 and feb 2018 respectively.. Now my gyne prescribed me 75mg asprin , 75mg ovigyn dsr folic acid and vit D dhoop.... My question is the combination of all these medicines are fine or not, Morover i would be successful this time as earlier I Had 2 missed abortions and I've been through with d&c ...and my amh level is 1.12
Answer: Dear I would suggest first get you AMH level at normal level before trying to conceive. As vitamin D is gonna help you with the AMH levels. Your gynae would have taken all consideration while prescribing you these medicines together as she know you are trying to conceive so relax and have trust in your doctor. A normal AMH level is greater than 2, and this would correlate with normal fertility. Much like any other test processed in a lab, mistakes can be made and tests sometimes need to be performed twice to ensure reliability. Don`t let a low AMH take away your hope of having a family…there is still a reasonable chance that a pregnancy can occur. Some natural ways to raise AMH levels includes those suffering from a vitamin D deficiency were significantly more likely to suffer from a low AMH compared to those without vitamin D deficiency. Consult your doctor for a vitamin D supplement. Supplementing with DHEA is also showing a lot of promise for those with low AMH.  Please talk to your doctor about supplementing with DHEA as taking this on your own is not recommended. And finally a healthy and balanced diet plays a very important role. Hope it helps.
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Question: My Amh is 1.12....what to do in order to conceive n to avoid missed abortion... Earlier I had 2 missed abortions and I've gone with 3 d&c process
Answer: AMH indicates your ovarian reserve it does not indicate a reason for possible cause of miscarriage it is important that you see your gyne .and identify the cause if it is because of any anomaly or any genetic issue that has not been treated or has not been caught I will suggest you one genetic testing or DNA karyotyping to help you understand if there is any problem with your genetic DNA makeup which is causing this recurrent miscarriage also check your prolactin level sometimes because of high prolactin level it happens that recurrent miscarriages a common. if you are having menses every month then there is no reason to worry about your amh but it is very important to know the possible cause of a miscarriage
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Question: From last two days i am suffering from fever .. and feeeling very low.... Koi problem toh nahi hogi delivery me.
Answer: Immediately consult Ur doctor. U can't take risk now.
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Question: Mam hamara gharr 1st floor pe hai din mein 5-6 vaar niche jana padta koi normal delivery main problem toh nahi hogi
Answer: No... Even it's good for normal delivery
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