Question: Hi all, I m 36 weeks pregnant and my ultrasound shows that my baby weight is only 2412 gms which my doc says is very low and she has given me 2 dozes of injection for growth of baby lungs. plz advise how should I weight gain bcoz i m very tensed as of now delivery can be done at any time and my baby weight is low. I always feel full and not able to eat properly but I need to gain weight. plz reply as early as possible. thanku

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Answer: now don't take tention, try to think positive n don't panic all will b fine in ur case till delivery date again chances r there to increase baby weight n it will increase also u hv to take healthy food. u can have milk twice daily n if doc suggested start protinex powder in milk n don't worry all will b ok keep follow ur doc n tc
Answer: You have to take a proper diet in every two hour try to eat and have banana atleast 3-4 a day drink milk coconut water
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Question: Hi i am 24weeks weight gain is just 200 gms in last mnth.doc says that its very low weight gain.what shud i str eating to make my baby's weight gain
Answer: In mng time eat 5 types of fruits and nuts and after 1 hour take breakfast in middle of breakfast and lunch take a large cup of milk( if u take milk at morning u will not get hungry ) afternoon had lunch and Eve u go with fruits and complete dinner and take cup of milk lastly if u get hungry at nyt time take fruits only.... I followed this deit and gained weight 4 kgs per month ..
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