15 months old baby

Question: Hi all ..I'm 12 month boy mom. And he is not feeling well from few days back,not eating properly, he is taking only breast milk..if I feed him like daal or potato or else just vomit Right that ...and he,s spew up 2'3 times in a day from last 8-9 days. weight is also reduced nd till he is 9 kg. Hlp me m worry about his health...dr. said nothing to worry.... he'll be fine Hlp me plz wat can i do?

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Answer: Hi , my eight month old baby have exactly same problems. We consult a doctor. his doctor told us that he may have anaemia. We test his hb. It is very low. And we started iron syrup. After that amazingly he shows interest to food and breast milk. May be your child also have this problem.
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Question: My baby has stopped eating from past few days...nd eating nothing at all...he is on milk..he is 1.5 yrs now what could b the possibility??
Answer: Just give what baby like. She eat little also not a problem but try to give like banana or ceralac. Idly or rice once baby start to eat resuse the milk then baby start eating food Befour go to ur baby doctour
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Question: My baby not eating food from past few days...Earlier she was eating properly...suddenly she reduced food and if force to her she start crying...m worried for her weight
Answer: At different age n stages baby's food likes n dislikes changes. So try some new dishes n recipes. Also check whether child's stomach is fine I.e. Motion is regular n proper. If not first cure that n then the child will start eating by himself. No need to worry.
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Question: My 7 month old son had a fall from bed 3 days back. he didn't vomit nor did he cried a lot.. he is active like before. he is reaponding to his name and his pupils are fine. he is eating well n sleeping every 3 hrs for an hour or more. so should I take him to doctor or he is fine?
Answer: Hello! All the symptoms show that your baby is absolutely fine and nothing to be worried of. Hence, it is not ne to take your baby's to the doctor.
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