7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all, I'm 2nd time pregnant...still I don't have morning sickness but feeling tired and bit backache in the evening... Still didnt do vomit one time too..pls suggest

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Answer: Hi dear every pregnancy is different it can be your second time pregnancy but the symptoms might be completely opposite a different from the first one there is nothing to be worried about if you are not feeling nauseated or not vomiting please count your blessings that you are not going through that feeling but it is not related to your baby directly in any way so please don't worry and enjoy your days.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi I am 11 weeks pregnant but I don't have any kind vomit Morning sickness or nausea only some time I feel tired is it normal
Answer: Yes it's absolutely normal. Its all depends on hormones dear early or late some women feel these symptoms early during pregnancy on the other hand some feel them late. So that's perfectly normal. Enjoy ur journey towards motherhood.
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Question: I don't have morning sickness nausea but feeling tired is tis symptoms is ok in pregnancy
Answer: Hello Dear no two pregnancies are same. Vomitting depends on yur body structure n how yur pregnancy outcomes. I vl share my experience I had not a single vomitting in my nine months n my sister in law she had vomit even after taking sip of water. She was on glucose n saline throughout the pregnancy.So it is not at all essential that way one women have the other women will have same symptoms too. feeling tired is absolutely ok as your body is going through many hormonal changes take rest drink plenty of fluid
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Question: Hi i am 6 week pregnant i don't have any morning sickness but i have evening sickness..is it ok?
Answer: Hi dear, all pregnant ladies may not have morning sickness. It can be normal. Same thing happened to me also. I didn't have morning sickness, but experienced evening sickness. So don't worry.
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