23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all..i hve low lying placentaa 3 cm away from internal os..i also feel my baby moves in very lower abdomen near to pelivc area...what are the chances of moving it up..on my 21th week am started getting pains and admit in hospital fr 2 days but now fine..i want to rather it can be moved or not

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Answer: Hello dear If ur placenta is near your cervix when you're ready to give birth, it may block your baby's exit route through your vagina snd it is known as low lying placenta or placenta previa. Low lying placenta can anytime cause bleeding. So, precautions should be taken such as: 1. Do only light work 2. Avoid to have Intercourse 3. Take complete rest most of the time 4. Have regular check up to see haemoglobin level But don't worry as risk is very low in low lying placenta as placenta will move upwards as ur pregnancy grows
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Question: My anomaly scan report at 21 weeks showing low lying placenta 1.3 cms from internal OS.. Grade 1 maturity.. What are chances it will move up and hope it will not move down once it away from internal OS
Answer: Hi! Low lying placenta usually moves up at a later stage along with uterus.. Usually the position of placenta is either at side or top if the placenta is attached at the back side of the uterus is posterior placenta, incase of low lying placenta it is attached at a lower end to the uterus, there are some difficulties as it may cover the cervix which can be a problem in vaginal birth. Please do as the Doctor say, dont worry much,do not walk fast, lot of bed rest, dont squat, dont lift heavy weight, avoid bumpy road, no intercourse, have fibrous food avoid constipation, Hope this helps!
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Question: hello , I have subchronic hemotoma size of 1.6 cm * 1.9 cm & 2.5 cm * 2.3 cm and fundopostirior, low lying placenta reaching upto internal os.......is that hemotoma size is big ? how much time it will take to heal up
Answer: Synchronic hematoma means you will be in strict supervision of your doctor. But you need not to worry as they will keep track of your situation and suggest accordingly as they understand your condition a lot better than we can. Fundo posterior placenta means you your placenta is placed towards the back and low lying means towards cervix. Stay positive and trust your doctor.
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Question: I am 22 weeks pregnant my placenta is anterior in lower segment 3.0 cm away from internal os . What it mean? Is it ok or not ? Please guide
Answer: Hi! Anterior placenta means placenta is on the front wall of the uterus. Baby will be behind that. People say that babies' kicks will be cushioned by placenta if it is anterior and hence one may start feeling the kicks only later in the pregnancy compared to people with posterior placenta. Please dont worry its a very common thing, folllow what your Dr. says. Good luck!
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