38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all . I hv more fluid than normal which is 26. Plz tell me so tips to control fluid . I was advised to take duvadailan tablet why is it suggested plz tell me

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Answer: Hi! First of all duvadilan is prescribed to increase blood flow to all your other vessels, it's basically a vasodilator and as long as your amniotic fluid index is concerned it is to be normal at 8-18. Medium AFI level is approximately 14 from week 20-35. After that it keeps reducing and prepare for birth however if its 17.6 now its more than normal. Its a condition where you have more amniotic fluid in the sac and your Dr. may use medication or a process called amniocentesis to drain the excess water which can be harmful for the baby and it is associated with risk factor like pre term birth or placental abruption etc. Please follow Dr. s instruction. Hope this helps!
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Question: I hv 13 weeks pregnancy.on 11 week minimal choriodecidual separation was found and was advised to take bed rest. now it is more smaller than before but exists till now. plz advise what to do
Answer: hello... dear... follow and trust your doctors suggestion.. its true that if you take bed rest the separation found would be negligible as the baby growing. take care.. dont worry.
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Question: Doctor advised to take tablet Ecosprin 150 at night. Initially i was taking Ecosprin 75mg. Also she has said to reduce consumption of salt. Why is it so.
Answer: Dr believes that her b.p may be high. And she needs to cut the salt. Ecosprin thins the blood. Helps to improve blood flow. Dosage has been increased and she needs to comply with diet as well no oily deep fried and salty packaged foods.
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Question: I have more fluid than normal was it any problem to me or my baby now am 22 week running
Answer: what is your afi.. its mentioned in scan report. check. 8-18 is normal. if its more than check for diabetes and take more rest.
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Question: Hi doctor IAM pushpanjali 7 weeks mother. Doctor suggested me to take FOLXT tablet is it safe? And can u plz tell me the uses of the tablet
Answer: Yes it is safe to take it It is folic acid Folic acid acts by helping the body produce and maintain new cells. In particular, red blood cell formation is dependent upon adequate levels of this vitamin . Folic acid supplements are routinely prescribed for women who may become pregnant
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