40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all .... I have one doubt ..... On my last checkup doc said my uterus is open ... Pain will come within 3 days but still now I don't have pain .. I have to admit at hsptl tmrw ..if I go to hsptl tmrw means I will give birth tmrw itself or it will take time or day ?? ?????..

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Answer: It will take time... let d pain start dear If u will go for admit might doctor suggest for c section but 1st try for normal NVD
Answer: ohh aaap tension na o
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Question: Hi my Edd is 14th of june i.e. tmrw but still ny cervix is not open said by my doctor. Whats my possibilities of giving birth will i get normal or cesarine
Answer: Hi, I think you should wait 1-2 more days. My sister was 40 weeks and she was closed and she went into labour 2 days later.  Same for me with my 3rd and I went into labour 6 days later!  Dont give up yet!
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