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Question: Hi all, I have been TTC conceive since a while now. This is my second cycle on clomiphene 100mg. On 14th day my follicle in left ovary was 24* 19mm and endometrial thickness was 8.3mm. Dr gave me hcg injection 5000 IU on the same day.. what are my chances of conceiving this month. Please let me know ladies. Any opinions or suggestions are welcome

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Answer: HCG injection is to release the egg out of the follicle. It's released 36 hours after HCG injection. Have sex regularly, ideally on the day of trigger shot, next day and alternate days thereafter. Yes anything above 8 is good. One of my friend conceived with a 6mm endo :) All the very best!!!
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Question: Day 12 my follicle size in Right ovary is 1.5cm. Left ovary is 1.4 cm. Can i conceive this cycle?
Answer: Chances are there..you have to start planning from day 8 to day 18 on every alternate days.. Have protein rich foods like sprouts, dals.
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