12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all, I am 11 weeks day 4 today. I have low lying placenta. what exactly happens here.. will the baby also come low later?? I have taken work from home untill 20weeks.. but I am a lil worried about this

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Answer: I have answered you in your other question please check.
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Question: Placenta low lying in 10th week reaching to internal OS. I am very worried about it.
Answer: Dear The placenta develops wherever the  egg embeds in your uterus (womb) Sometimes the fertilised egg attaches itself inside the lower part of your uterus. This means that the placenta will develop in a low-lying position. As you are in your 11 week of pregnancy so don't worry as your baby grows, your expanding uterus is likely to pull the placenta upwards and away from your cervix. 
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