17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi all. I am in my 17 weeks of pregnancy. from last week am having genital sores. is it normal. have any one else faced this issue. will it harm baby

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Answer: yes , am using an ointment for me ,your body is producing more mucus to keep vaginal area wet and so bacteria are also taking shields,it will not harm the baby ,you can use candid b or onabet
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    Shabi Dynacious1337 days ago

    thanks pooja

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Question: Hello, yesterday night I faced the breathing issue? Is it normal during 6 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, Breathlessness is a common concern in pregnancy.initial stages of pregnancy breathless ness is due to hormone progesterone.which changes the way your body us d to absorb oxygen.later stages,growth of baby can press and put pressure on diaphragm there by problem in breathing.not to worry and try to stay calm.divert your mind.
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Question: Hi,i am having back pain from last 2 night.is it normal in this week?
Answer: Dear back pain is normal during pregnancy and it happens because of the growing of the uterus the internal organs make a change and pressure on back cause pain. So dont worry just keep a straight posture all the time and also do some mild hot compress on your back that will give you relief.... but if pain is severe or constant then consult with your doctor and get a scan done......
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Question: Hi..i am running in 17 week and from last one day i m having little pain in my lower abdomen in right side. Is it normal?
Answer: Little pain is ok, but if ur pain increases consult ur doctor soon.
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