9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all I am in ending of 2 nd month pregnancy. Sometimes I am getting little belly pain and back pain y is it OK

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Answer: Hi congrats, As your body is going through lot of hormone changes and Ur uterus is expanding and stretching lengthen there lot of pressure on your body... cramping tightening sharp pain numbness in your hands legs stomach back feet fingers are all normal during pregnancy u will also.feel pain in cervix pelvic lower uterus which is quite uncomfortable and irritating...eat well exercise regularly take medication meditation and yoga walk sleep well keep a pillow...take consult with your doc if necessary...take care 👍
Answer: Hi,it is normal as there are so many hormonal cahnges in the body the uterus is expanding the body parts are shifting this is normal to get body pain aand back pain. Don't worry Relax
Answer: Yes this is ok. I was also getting back pain and belly pain but their was no serious problem I have face. Sleep in left or right side don't sleep in ur back.
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Question: i am in my 7th week of pregnancy.. nd i sometimes feel pain in lower abdomen... is it ok??
Answer: Hello dear this is normal don't worry.. Lower abdominal pain and cramping during pregnancy is termed as Round Ligament pain… A woman used to experience mild abdominal pain and discomfort through out the pregnancy time and there is nothing like to worry about as this abdominal cramping is normal. Abdominal pain during pregnancy can be just a sign that uterus is getting ready to carry a baby through the next nine months of pregnancy. Lower abdominal pain occasionally crop up during pregnancy because of uterus stretching, from constipation or from gas. During pregnancy, the uterus enlarges to provide accommodation to the growing fetus. This enhances the size and weight of the uterus. Increased weight and size puts pressure on the ligament that holds it further causing it to stretch. This condition leads to lower abdominal pain, cramping during pregnancy, which is also termed as Round Ligament pain. To get some relief, reduce your physical activity * To decrease pain reduce cramp-inducing positions * Comfortably resting can also relieve from pain * You can also take a warm bath to relax from lower stomach pain and cramps during pregnancy * Avoid turning sharply at the waist, if you are experiencing abdominal pain during pregnancy.
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Question: I am having little pain in and around belly button sometimes... is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, Naval pain is common during pregnancy as the pressure due to uterus expansion,could even protrude the naval out.but this is not for everyone.depwnds on how the uterus expands . occasional pain is common ,not to worry .during now you could also expect false la or pain,call d Braxton and hicks.where the stomach would becomes hard and relax at times not to panic these are normal too.do some light circular massage around the naval with some oil
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Question: Hi, can i travel in train at 6th month ending and cone back at 7th month ending of prgency. Is it ok.
Answer: Hi, Train travel is absolutely safe during 6th or 7th month of pregnancy. Please plan for proper meals and stay hyderated during the journey. Plan for a very comfortable journey, keep your supplements and other essentials handy.
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