34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all... I am feeling tightness in my lower abdomen after every hour. It's not painful.. Is this normal.

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Answer: It happens as d baby doesn't get much space to move as d baby tries to change its position it tries to make space for it so it feel like getting tightened but its OK ur baby is just playing around nothing to worry
Answer: Its normal cos your baby is growing big by week 37 your baby will be considered full term grown...so the weight presses your abdomen..
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Question: Recently feeling heaviness and tightness in lower abdomen sometimes.is this normal ?
Answer: Hi this is because if round ligament pain which is natrual ,don't worry. It is because as the baby is growing and the uterus us expanding you will feel this stretching pain and discomfort so it is natrual and nothing to worry. You should not bend You should try and keep your posture erect and keep your legs straight in the bed .this posture will give you some relief .
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Question: hi I am 20 weeks pregnant feeling mild pain in upper abdomen and sometimes in lower abdomen from yesterday after long walk. it's feeling like stretching all over the stomach. is this normal?
Answer: yes it is normal..light pain is common..it might be due to stretching n expanding of utreus n other organs..its nothing to worry about
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Question: i Am feeling pain after every half an hour in my lower part what is its reason?
Answer: Aapka delivery ka time ho gaya hai so please aap pehle doctor ke paas jaye aur doctor Ko Dikha ke Apna ilaj karwaya. Best of luck for your delivery delivery ke pane ke time please aap ko bhi tension mat lena Stress ki wajah se thoda complication ho sakta hai so please thoda pain saylo. Hospital jane se pahle Koi garam cheese kha lena like milk ke andar Ginger aur Tulsi Daal Ke usse boil karo aur usme gee otherwise devil Mila Ke pijav. Best of luck
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