40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all, I am asking for my niece. She is 3month old. From which month her mom can give 1-2spoons of water to drink? Because she feels dry som times and her poo is not regular.

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Answer: For 1 st 6 months only exclusive breastfeeding..Has 2 b given...U can. Give water only after 6 mnths
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Question: Hi I'm worried because my 1 yr 3 months old baby didn't drink water so she gets very tight 💩 poo she cries lot of pain pls help me
Answer: Try to give her fruit juices, n engage her physical activities like running, jumping at home only.. n normally she can drink water
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Question: my 8 month old coughing ( dry khasi ).. many times during the day.. don't know the reason?? is that because m giving her water from glass..to train her ??
Answer: Hii I don't think she will get cold due to the glass. Baby is very much prompt to get caught and cold. That very natural as they adjust with the virus of atmosphere. U can give her make her wear loose and comfortable clothes. Make sure a good ventilation of natural air is required where baby stays. If u feels u can use must huMidifier. It keeps the atmosphere comfortable for baby to breathe. Keep her hydrated whole day. U can also use nasal drop it u feels it required. Don't feed her honey because people feels giving honey can cure khasi but she is not even one year. You can introduce honey once she will be 1 ,year. Do reply if u find above answer. Useful. All the best.
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Question: My baby is 9 months old. She does not want to drink water at all. She cries whenever I try to give her. What to do?
Answer: Start drinking water in front of her, do that for a few days,it would encourage her to do so, gradually start drinking in a small cup, then make her drink the last sips.. eventually start with a soft spout sipper.
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