5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all...feel like stomach tightening after taking food everytime. I'm in 6th week. is it ok or any issues ?? please help me !!

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Answer: it is normal. dont worry.
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Question: I'm 6 week pregnant and I feel pain in my stomach everytime. It's normal or not??
Answer: when baby is conceived our body goes through various changes. these changes give pain, bulging body and all. As your uterus grows, it displaces your bowel,  Eat more frequent, smaller meals, exercise regularly, get rest, and empty your bladder often. Sometimes as the uterus expand, it stretches the round ligaments--two big ligaments that travel off the front of the uterus and down into the groin. Constipation and gas are, unfortunately, often part of pregnancy. these are main reasons of stomach pain.
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Question: Mine is 6th month i feel tightening in stomach .
Answer: Take more fruits fruit juices boiled vegetables and nutritious diet Avoid spicy food and oily food Food heavy and hard to digest should also be avoided Eat in regular intervals small portions Boil cumin in water and add ghee sugar to it Keep on drinking it Tightness of stomach major issue is mainly due to gas formation and acidity By eating small portions at regular intervals you can avoid indigestion and reduce gas formation Cumin water helps you to lose the tightness Take care
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Question: I feel my stomach is bloated or full or heavy after having food. Is it normal at 6th week.
Answer: Yes it's normal. Due to the presence of progesterone hormone gas form in pregnancy. It's normal. Eat small quantity At a time and eat slowly, and Drink lot of water to avoid bloating
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