23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all. during my 21st week of pregnancy I took anamoly scan and every thing looks normal. They have mentioned cephalic index 67 dolicocephaly. kindly help.

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Answer: hello dear not to worry if it is was breech instead of cephalic then your doctor might suggest for early delivery..now yours is cephalic so dont worry.. dolichocephalic is the finding associated with oligo hydramnios which means low level of amniotic fluid.. so consult your doctor
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    Shabi Dynacious1290 days ago

    thank you dear

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Question: Hi dear, now I'm in my 21st week pregnancy... During my anamoly scan, doctors have mentioned that IC lateral ventricle 11mm.... Is this normal, or baby have any issues... Pls make me clear... I'm very much worried about this...
Answer: hi dear! Cerebrospinal fluid is a clear, watery liquid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, and is also found throughout the ventricles (brain cavities and tunnels).Ventriculomegaly is when the fluid filled structures (lateral ventricles) in the brain are too large.your child has mildly enlarged brain ventricles or ventriculomegaly without other complications, the condition may resolve on its own. so dont worry you will have to just keep a track on it. otherwise no problem . take care dear!
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Question: Hi I am 34 weeks pregnant. In my last scan report, they have mentioned Dolicocephaly. Because the cephalic index is 68. Any one heard abt that?
Answer: Well usually in such cases normal delivery seems difficult.as the head is narrow posteriorly..I have no one with such issue..but I have heard that usually breech positioned babies are more prone to have it..I hope all goes well..talk to doctor more about it..
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Question: Today I went for a check up and they have took the scan. In the scan they have mentioned as presentation Cephalic. Wat is the meaning for Cephalic
Answer: Cephalic means the babies direction the head is now facing down this is a good thing as this is the best position for normal delivery
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