2 years old baby

Question: Hi all doc's and mom's my son is 25 months old now i want to wean him from breast feedings as he is latching for long time and drinks only one side from the being, this is causing server back pain to me as an forced to sleep on one side. Kindly help

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Answer: Hello dear. At 2 years babies do not need the breastfeed as they have started eating proper food. You can try femite which is ayurvedic and is safe. Needs to be applied to nipples and baby stop taking the feed. Hope it helps.
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Question: I nurse my son to sleep and he wakes up manybtimes in between to nurse but not hungry... He is 1.9 years old and never drinks milk or water from bottle. How do i wean him on my own
Answer: Hello! Weaning the baby will take some time . One has to be really patient in that way. Initially try to feed first and then pat the baby to sleep. Whenever the baby wakes up at night, pick him and sit and feed him, then put him down and pat to sleep. Continue doing this then slowly only pat to sleep. It initially becomes difficult, but try once and I am sure you will be able to do it. Take care
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Question: my son is a year old and doesnt want to take the bottle. i have been breastfeeding him till now. he mostly wants to latch on and sleep at night and wakes up alot only latching tends to sooth him back to sleep. please help n suggest ways i can introduce formula milk n bottle to him. thank u
Answer: It's too late to introduce bottle now. He wouldn't take. Try glass or sipper to give formula milk.
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Question: Hi my baby boy always want to sleep on one side that is right side position for him is it ok or any other problem please tell me
Answer: chage the position everytime ...better ahould keep the baby on his back....prolonged oneside position leads decreased blood supply ..
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