15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all....can i eat ice cream and chocolates...i want to eat but everyone are saying not eat .....please help is it gud or not 😕

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Answer: Hello dear. It is fine to eat choclates abd icecreams but you have to ensure that it is in moderate quantity. Like I used to have cravings for choclate but made sure I had it not more than a block or 2. Hope it helps.
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    kathula sindhuja724 days ago


Answer: Hi,. You can have ice cream not a problem
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Question: I can eat ice cream or not during pregnancy
Answer: Hello Dear Congratulations for your pregnancy Occasionally eating ice cream won’t affect your baby’s health as Ice creams are made up of pasteurized milk, eggs and sugar which is considered as safe and its half cup count 111 calories, eating ice cream can also increase your weight, icecream is iodine rich food and according to researcher iodine help in baby’s mental health as well as work in auditory system but eating more also have its own bad effects.
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Question: hiii..all...can i eat ice cream?
Answer: Hello! Definitely you can have only if you don't have diabetes. Try to have in moderation and excess consumption is not good
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Question: m 8 week pregnant..can I eat chocolates and ice cream
Answer: It is better to avoid these things in early pregnancy btt if u want then take a little bit or in small quantities
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