28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi all...am 27 weeks pregnant now..can I hv banana daily. .if I hv it daily any issues will be happen..suggest me..

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Answer: Hello! you can have banana daily.. There is no problem in that. Infact, you could have it from the first day of pregnancy, there is no problem with having a banana
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    nazzu s1318 days ago


Answer: You can have no problem
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Question: Hi, i am 32 weeks pregnant now.. Wat will happen if we sleep on our back?bcoz i feel comfortable on back than on side.. Can anyone suggest...
Answer: Hi It is not safe to sleep in supine position...asbsleeping in that position umblical cord may tie around baby and also there are chances baby might not get enough blood flow.. Always sleep in left turned position and in between some 5-10 min turning right is ok but do not sleep on supine position...it has more chances of membrane leakage also
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Question: Now I am 18 weeks. If I cry daily due to family issues what will happen to my child
Answer: Hi desr being sad and depressed can give u side affect like u may get bp fluctuation , dont get much of appetite ,due to depression u may not get to tske care of urs. Plz do understand u have to be happy and energetic. I know during pregnancy due to harmonal disbalance u may get some mood swings but u have to be strong and try to stay happy.
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Question: I am 27 weeks pregnant. when will be my next Usg and what will it be
Answer: At 32 weeks completed i had a growth-scan. Blood test ,urine routine and thyroid and glucose fasting . Hope it helps.
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