Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi After feeding with lactogen 4 times and my milk

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Question: My baby is 4 months 23days old.can i start lactogen along with breast feeding.
Answer: Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended till the baby is 6months old...if ur breast milk are not sufficient u can give lactogen..check if ur milk are sufficient..if ur baby feeds for 20 minutes u will know that ur milk are sufficient..u must not frequently change breasts..baby must feed on single breast till it is empty..then shift ur baby to the other.. remember ur milk will increase by sucking of ur baby..
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Question: My 2months 7days baby vomits like milk after every feeding some times after 1hrs of feeding
Answer: it is important to burp babies after each feed. It releases air trapped in your baby's stomach, making him more comfortable and less fussy. Burping also frees up room in your baby's tummy so he can settle in and feed longer. Burping can also be beneficial for babies who spit up often. And for bottle fed babies it becomes even more important as there is air sucked by babies.
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Question: After feeding with lactogen 1 for 4 times and my milk for 6 times baby started to go motion for 6times is it normal are I should take to paediatric frends
Answer: After birth baby should pee all the waste. They will do many times no need to worry . Its normal
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