8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. According to LMP gestational age is 7 weeks and 3 days. But according to EP scan, gestational age is 7 weeks 5 days. Is this normal?

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Answer: Most of the times the gestational age and scan age differs.It is quite normal. Most of us doesn't remember LMP exact date. Sometimes the ovulation starts internally and we got LMP after or before 2 days. So this may leads to difference in age. Need not worry about this. As soon as you are stepping towards 9th month the EDD will change.
Answer: Yes, there is always a variation in actual and scan specified age. Scan report advises age basis the size of Feotus as per system measurements so it's OK nothing to worry.
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Question: Yesterday my scan was done according to lmp gestation age is 7 weeks 3 days in sonography shows 5 weeks 0 days with gestational sac no yolk sac and fetus pole what i have to do now
Answer: It happened eith me too... go for 2nd opinion to another doctor... sometimes due to irregular periods our dates cant be predicted according to last lmp. Wait for 2 more weeks and do the scan again... and do for 2nd opinion to another doctor too
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Question: Hi mera LMP 1 may h but abhi scan kraya to 5 week 5 days confirm huwa h but according to lmp it's 7 weeks..plz help
Answer: Hie Go with the one according to your LMP As the week according to the sonography is calculated according to growth and development of the baby but the Edd in the very first sonography report is mostly the most closest to delivery date
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Question: I am 6 weeks n 5 days pregnant according to LMP. But my first scan is showing my gestational age 4weeks n 3 days with gestational sac size 12.9mm. Is this normal?
Answer: Hi, this means the baby's growth is little less. But you do t sorry. You have all the healthy food and drink lot of fluids, and everything will go fine. Have fat foods lime cheese, ghee, butter. Have coconut water everyday. Have all dry fruits daily. Drink milk and have milk products. Everything will be fine.
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