10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, A lump is visible on my left side of uterus from outside. And on right it is normal Sometimes it is itching. Is it normal?

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Question: Hi doctor, i am 23 weeks pregnant and I have a kind of slight pain in my uterus near vaginal opening sometimes and sometimes itching. Is it normal cause of uterus streching or any UTI infection?
Answer: This is an urine infection. Reason of uti are many:- The most common reason is improper urine output because in pregnancy it happens that ladies lose their urine contraction muscle activity which can be strengthened later but in entire pregnancy especially in third trimester the ability to control urine decreases because of that slight portion of urine is always retained in your bladder which gives bacteria a medium to proliferate and will cause burning or pain on urination as well as change in colour of urine from Orange red hue is seen. Please seek antibiotic treatment now. Drink plenty of water 3lt Get one urine culture and sensitivity test done. Ask about syrup citralka 10 ml in 100 ml water to be dissolved and taken thrice a day for a week. Ask your gynae about this medicine and take once she approves.
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Question: I feel baby movements sometimes on my left side and sometimes on my right side, what does it mean??
Answer: Me too feel the same.as baby changes positions we only feel movement of hand and legs so it's possible that baby is in horizontal position.. But dont worry baby will again change positions...
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Question: Hi I am 6 weeks Pregnant and I m having a mild pain in my stomach n sometimes in the left side n right side.. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello! yes it is normal..it can be due to stretching n expanding of utreus n other organs.
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