31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.... 8th month started for me from 14th April, and im planning to travel for my sister's engagement via train... Its 6 hours journey... Is it safe to travel? Kindly suggest

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Answer: No its not safe to u and ur baby bcz 8 th month is dangerous so dont go any were plz be in same place upto 9th month
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Question: Is it safe to travel by train in 6 week of pregnancy for 12 hours journey?
Answer: Hi dear, Travel in pregnancy is absolutely safe unless you have any pregnancy related complications like spotting issue or low lying placenta etc.you can also travel through train.it is in a way is good compared to road travel.train travel would let you experience very less jerks and you can move around too inside it.do carry your prescribed medication if you are going to stay for longer duration.try to avoid outside food and rather carry home cooked food and water.keep santitary handy and maintain hygiene.keep yourself well hydrated too.wish you happy journey!
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Question: Is train journey safe for 6 month pregnant woman for 12 hours travel?
Answer: Hello... Dear in second trimester, traveling is generally considered safe, but if you traveling for long distance or you have any medical related issue in pregnancy, please consult doctor before travel
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Question: Hi , Is it safe to travel in 6 months of pregnancy via train. Journey time is 36 hrs approx
Answer: Hello dear. Travelling in pregnancy completely depends on you as to how confident and comfortable you are while travelling and also it depends if you have a green signal from the doctor, and there would be no problem if there are no complication or restriction in your pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: I am planning to travel on 9th month 1st week by train for 24 hours via 3rd A.C. is it safe to travel?
Answer: Hello dear If your pregnancy is maturing normally and you take the right care then train travel is quite a safe way to travel. If you do have pregnancy related complications like high blood pressure , diabetes, placental problems or a previous premature delivery, then it is advisable to check with your doctor before travelling
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