2 months old baby

Question: hi, 45 days old baby, has a jaundice,bilirubin total is 8mg/DL.in another test Normocytic Normochromic blood picture, what does it mean anything to worry?

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Question: My baby is 9 days old, the eyes of a baby becomes light yellow we conduct a jaundice bilirubin blood test it shows 12mg/dl is it serious??
Answer: Hello dear, Jaundice will develop when a baby’s liver is not efficient enough to remove the bilirubin from the bloodstream. Jaundice is left untreated and bilirubin levels reach limits exceeding 25mg, there is the possibility of deafness, or certain forms of brain damage to occur. Jaundice in itself may not become harmful to a baby, but it may be the symptom of an underlying medical condition that can cause other issues. A less serious side effect that may occur from jaundice is sleepiness in the newborn. This can cause the baby to not eat well, which can make jaundice worse. Treatment for jaundice... Frequent feedings to encourage frequent bowel moments. Bowel movements help to eliminate the bilirubin out of the body. Some health care providers feel that placing a baby near a window where he/she can receive indirect sunlight can also help with mild cases of jaundice. In severe cases of jaundice, a blood transfusion or blood exchange may be needed. Hope it helped Take care ur little one....
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Question: My baby is 9 days old and having jaundice... In bilirubin blood test the amount of bilirubin is 11.20mg/dl... Is it normal...?? What should i do to cure it at home
Answer: Hi dear, Post birth or neonatal jaundice is quite common in babies.Mild infant jaundice often disappears on its own within two or three weeks. For moderate or severe jaundice, your baby may need to stay longer in the hospital. Treatments to lower the level of bilirubin in your baby's blood may include: 1-Light therapy .expose your baby to early morning or late evening sunlight 2- make sure your baby is getting enough nutrition through breastmilk. Feeding your baby 8 to 12 times a day for the first several days ensures that your baby isn’t dehydrated,which helps bilirubin pass through their body more quickly It usually happens in newborns due to: 1-incomatibility of blood group in baby with mother's 2- any infection 3- premature babies 4- not enough breastmilk for baby
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Question: Cervix has become soft.. What does it mean? Is there anything to worry..
Answer: Hi, cervix becomes soft as it gets ready to efface and dilate before labor. but it might take a long time from cervix softening to labor.it is just a beginning of a slow process which will days days or weeks to complete.
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