Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi muze 2 july beby boy hua he.......cs se..mere nipples ander or falt he muze bhot kam milk ata he right side kam ata he or left me ek ek drop ata he me Nipples shield use karke beby ko milk deti hu..but mere milk se uska pet Nai bharta or me syringe bhi use karke milk niklti hu ..beby ke muh me nipples jate hi nai he ..plz koi upay batao

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Answer: Hello dear jo mai apko btana chahti thi wo pahle se hi use kar rahi h. Ap ek bar kisi achhe lactation se bhi consult karke dekhiye.
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Question: mera baby 15 days ki he... premature delivery he meri.. baby underweght he.. use milk suck karna nai ata.. or muje bi breastmilk nai aya he... i am so worried.. mai formula milk deti hu use.. lekin kitne dino tak aisa chalega... us milk se uska pet bhi nai bharta.. plz suggest me. kya karu mai..
Answer: Hello dear aapke baby ko suck Karne ke liye yeh try kijiye Breast-feeding is the act of naturally feeding an infant with milk produced in the mother’s breast. This has great deal of benefits for the baby not only breast milk is healthier but the action of feeding the child is a moment of love in which the baby learns to bond, smell, and caress with his or her mother as she gives nourishment and affection. Guide your babys mouth: When the baby is hungry, she is usually screaming, mouth wide open. When the mouth is at its most open point, put your clean forefinger and your thumb at the edges of your areola (thumb at top, forefinger underneath) and put ALL of the brown areola and nipple into the baby's mouth. The baby will struggle a few times to get the hang of where to put his lips, but once you guide his mouth to the right place, he sees where he has to "be" to get the milk to let down. Another important tip to remember in order for the baby to drink the breast milk is that she must suckle, which is different from sucking. Suckling the breast looks more like talking or chewing something that's at the back of your throat. instead of cradling the baby in front of you, tuck the baby's body under your arm on either side--the head will be in front of you, and the mouth at the nipple. The best way to stabilize the baby in this position is by using a big pillow or a one of those horse shoe shaped pillows. Aapke breast milk supply badhane ke liye yeh try kijiye here are some foods that enhance your breast milk do try this: Oats are easy to prepare as a meal Fennel seeds boost the quantity of your breast milk.They are digestives and help control baby-colic. Fenugreek seeds are known for boosting breast milk supply. spinach and beet leaves contain iron, calcium and folic acid. it helps in boosting milk supply. Garlic is considered the best food to increase breast milk, as it is well-known for boosting lactation in nursing mothers. Black Sesame seeds are a rich source of calcium and believed to increase milk supplBlend sesame seeds with milk, sugar and almonds.(Use in limited quantity) A glass of carrot juice with breakfast or lunch will work wonders in lactation. Drinking water and juices is supposed to boost lactation. It increases the total milk volume per feed. It prevents you from dehydration and replaces fluid lost during lactation.Have a glass of water when you are thirsty or even before you begin to nurse your baby. Soak brown rice for half an hour and pressure cook it. Eat it with vegetables. it enhances the breast milk production. Cumin seeds boost milk supply. These are appetizers and fat-burners.They help avoid digestive irritants like acidity. Add a pinch of cumin powder to milk or to butter milk and drink. Basil leaves are a great source of anti-oxidants. it also helps in lactation. bottle guard1: It is a summer vegetable which has high water content. This keeps a nursing mother hydrated. It also helps increase milk quantity . others are sweet potatoes, drumsticks, poppy seeds etc
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Question: Muze milk bhot kam aa rahe he pure din me bas 80 ml ata he ese jada nai ata me kia karu jo muze milk aaye ...ya fir koi medicin batao muze jada aaye ....me baby ko lactojen de rahi hu ..1 st days se
Answer: Hi. 1.Aap satavari powder lijiye doodh me 2 bar. 2.meethi lijiye, meethi sag, maathi dana, ya tablet kuch bhi chalega. 3. Lahsun add kariye apne khane me jitna ho sake. 4. 2-3 ltr pani pijiye. Dhyan rahe doodh 90%pani hi hota hai. To aap jitna pani piyengi apke liye utna accha hoga. Aap meethinpani, jeera pani, ajwain pani kuch bhi lijiye. 5.masoor dal khaiye 2 time . 6. Jeera ko bhun lijiye or apne khane me add kariye jaise ki rayte me. 7. Daliya lijiye doodh me paka ke ya fir namkeen. 8. Dryfruit lijiye. 9.f ruit ya fruit juice lijiye. 10. Dhyan rahe doodh jitna piyangi aap baby ko utna hi doodh banega.
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Question: Meri ek breast ka nipple bhot small h baby use pakad nai paati kya m nipple shield ka use kr skti hu?? Nipple shield se kya milk aa jata h??
Answer: Hi dear, yes small or flat nipples k Liya aap nipple shield ka use kar sakte ho. Yes baby nipple shield suck karna start hi dhirley dhirey milk ana shuru hota hai. Regukar use karne se nipple shape me bhi ajati hai. Hope it helps.
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