29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hey there ... im 7 n half month pregnant n today my nephew strike straight to my stomach .. first i felt some pain but now its ok but baby movement is slower thn the past few days ... i jst wana ask if the baby is completely safe? Cz my doc didnt responding i couldnt ask her

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Answer: Visit doctor tomorrow and ask for check up to avoid any problems.
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Question: Past few days my baby is getting up in the night around 2 or so and does poo. He cries while doing but later once done he is fine n sleeps well. I don't know what's happening with him. During the day he does poo but this pattern has started past few days. Do I have to show to doc? Is this a concern?
Answer: Hello! It could be due to gas that he feels a pain and may be that is the reason for his crying. Try to give more fluid during the day and give curd on daily basis, it will help to improve his good bacteria. Take care
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Question: On 21st dec'18 i 1st felt that baby is kicking(sumthng is jumping in my stomach) around 6am, aftr that 2nd mrng i didnt felt that much movement jst 2 or 3 jumps only ...is there any thing to worry ?? And the movement is in my lower stomach,is everythng is f9 or ne prblm is there??
Answer: Hi,don't worry because it is fine that on some days you will feel good movements and on some other days the movements will be little less.so that's normal and nothing to worry.
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Question: jst started my 8th month n i feel very less movement of my baby frm past few days ....n no more kicks r there .....i can feel the regular movements but these r very slow .....is it okay or should i consult to my gyno?????
Answer: Hello! There should be atleast 10 good movements during 24 hrs. But if it is less or the movements are slow, please consult your doctor immediately.
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