3 years old baby

Question: hey. my son is suffering from some sticky potty since past 2-3 days and his body is slightly warm little fever. doctor has given p2a but still the same position. please guide what could be reason

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Answer: Your stool may be sticky if you have a stomach ulcer or irritation of the esophagus. With these conditions, you may experience some internal bleeding. Blood can mix with digestive fluids and make your stool tarry and sticky. Other medical conditions can also cause sticky stool after you eat certain foods. If you have celiac disease, for example, you can’t properly digest gluten, a protein found in wheat and certain other grains. Eating gluten can result in sticky stool and other symptoms for people with celiac disease. Sometimes lactose intolerance can also cause sticky stool. People with lactose intolerance lack the enzyme lactase. This enzyme is needed to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk products. Sticky stool can often be treated easily at home with simple lifestyle changes or over-the-counter medications and supplements. Home remedies One of the best things you can do for sticky poop is increase your water intake. A healthy digestive system with healthy stool depends on you staying hydrated. Drinking 8 glasses (or 64 ounces) of water per day is recommended for most people. If you have kidney, heart, or liver problems or other reasons why you should drink less water, talk with your doctor about a safe, adequate amount of fluids for you. Daily exercise is also associated with a healthier digestive system. Even a half-hour walk can improve your overall health. Foods to eat and foods to avoid One of the most effective ways to treat sticky stool is to make smart food choices for your system. In general, eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is a prescription for better digestive health. These foods contain soluble fiber, which is important for proper bowel function. They also contain a range of nutrients for optimal overall health. Some of the best foods to help keep your stool healthy are: asparagus broccoli carrots baked potato sweet potato green beans mango apricots banana oranges oatmeal garbanzo beans Because most causes of sticky stool are related to the foods you consume, the best treatment is to avoid the foods that give you problems. People with celiac disease, for instance, often have no other digestive issues. If these people avoid foods containing gluten, they should have no symptoms such as sticky stool. Foods that contain gluten include: wheat rye barley malt, including malt extract, malt vinegar, etc. If lactose intolerance is your issue, avoid cow’s milk and milk products, such as cheese, ice cream, butter, and cream sauces and soups. You should also reduce the high-fat foods in your diet, such as potato chips, cookies, red meat, and pizza. When to see your doctor Sticky stool may occur in one bowel movement, and the next day your stool can be back to normal. If a day of eating a particularly high-fat diet has led to sticky stool, wait a day to see if anything changes. If there is no change, pay attention to your stool and any other symptoms that may signal a more serious cause. If there are no urgent symptoms, such as abdominal cramps or blood in your stool, try modifying your diet. If a low-fat, low-protein diet that is rich in soluble fiber doesn’t improve the quality of your stool, then see a doctor.
Answer: Hello dear it may be stomach infection. Go to doctor again and talk to him for other medication. Give him only moong dal, daliya and khichdi.
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Answer: Dnt worry baby ko sardi h islie esa ho rha h..use krne de uski srdi potty se nikl rhi h use ajwain ki potli se sek kre or ajwain ki dhuni de srdi me instant relief milega
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