Few days old baby

Question: Hey my baby is a month old and he hasn't pooped from last 2 days,I feel he is consitipated. But he is releasing gas and his stomach is also soft but sometimes he is crying because of discomfort. Kindly suggest what should I do??

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Answer: It's absolutely normal..
Answer: Sab sahi he
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Question: My baby hasn't pooped for 12 days..how can i make him poop. He is not showing any signs of discomfort but his farts are really deadly
Answer: Hey! You can try some home remedies for urself as u r the source of nutrition for your baby first of all increase your water intake and include fruits in your diet mostly papaya. Give your baby massage especially bicycle massage and also tummy time for 5-7mins daily this will help him to release the gas. Give warm bath to baby it will soothe him and help your baby to relax his body. You can also apply coconut oil on his potty area for stimulation. Keep a check if formula milk you are giving suits him well if not then change the formula milk.
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