29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hey, m 29 weeks pregnant and i feel pain in my vaginal areas. What should I do about it? Is it normal??

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Answer: Hi sis. This is quiet common during pregnancy, this happens due to the growing baby's weight, be happy that your baby is growing well.. Ofcourse I understand the pain, i too have experienced this 😑.. You can perform a few pelvic exercises, like pelvis tilts and rolls with the permission of your gynecologist. Try relaxing in a soothing bath with warm water (not hot). Hope this helps.
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Question: I m 23 weeks pregnant and I am having periods like pain in lower abdomen and legs since last night...what should I do? Is it normal?
Answer: Hi, Mild lower abdominal pain is common in pregnancy due to growing uterus to stretch muscles and tendons of pelvic organs.so sometimes it feels like cramps also.need not to worry.drink warm water and take paracetamol tablet For leg cramps.if you have any fever or durning sensation while passing urine please visit doctor once.take care
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Question: From 2 days in m feeling severe body pain and nausea.. i m 34 weeks pregnant.. what should i do.?
Answer: first of all appliances stay away from food with strong smell also add citrus fruit in your diet you can also have Amla candy it will help you a lot and please take rest if you are getting body pain , also you can warm compress your body with hot water bottle
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Question: Hii I am 4 mnths pregnant and m having pain and stiffness in my fingers is it normal in pregnancy?
Answer: Calcium ki kami hogi apku doctor sa vitamin ki dawai degi personal doctor sa puche
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