12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hey m 11 weeks 3 days pregnant.. I am taking folic and progesterone tablet as per prescribed by my doctor via telecommunication due to lockdown.. I wanted to know after how many weeks or days iron tablet should b taken

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Answer: Hello dear, hope you are doing well. Very congratulations for ur pregnancy 😊. If ur doctor prescribed u iron tablet then u need to take otherwise take natural iron sources..
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Question: Hi due to lockdown unable to meet doctor. Now taking calcium and iron tablet. My tablets are about to finish. Should I continue calcium and iron tablet.
Answer: Yes continue calcium and iron its necessary to take in pregnancy for you n baby
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Question: Hii,,I wanted to know what should b done after sex,,to hv pregnancy soon,,,,
Answer: soon after ur sex.. cross ur legs and hold up for 10 mins.. .. y bz sperms directly get inside.. don't wash it for 30 mins... try to have sex during ovulation day and before 2days of ur ovulation.
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Question: I am taking progesterone tablets from a very long time. I just wanted to know how many more days do I need to take this tablet?is there any harm taking this tablet?
Answer: Till end of 5th month u need to continue without fail. I was advised the same.
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