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Question: hey iam 3 months pregnant and suffering from fever ....plz recommend good medi.for fever......

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Answer: hello dear first try these tips. if you do not get relief then consult with your gyne. during pregnancy you should be very careful about medicines. dont take any medicine without consulting your gyne. it can harm your baby. take care dear try these tips. @Take a lukewarm water bath. Bath will reduce the heat and help to reduce fever. @Place a cool , wet clothe over your forehead. @Drink lots of fluids and keep your body well hydrate. @ Take plenty of rest. Stay on bed and avoid excessive stress and activity. @ if you are feeling dizziness then lie down and avoid moving. @ wear light clothes and avoid over dressing. Over dressing increase the body heat. Contact your doctor if your fever do not improve within 24 hours.
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    Anjali Pramod1105 days ago

    thanks dear

Answer: hi
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