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Question: Hey i have too much itching in my vergina since 3 days at nyt i did not sleep well wht to do ?? N having headache too

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Answer: Hello dear, It is normal,most of women face this type of situation.... you can try this.. Try holding a cool rag or towel up against the vaginal area. Do not use hot water on the rag or it could further irritate the tissue....Eating yogurt is good for your health and helps to keep the body’s pH level balanced. You can either make a baking soda paste or add it to your bath water. Soak the area for 10 to 15 minutes to help relieve inflammation and itching. If you apply the paste to your bottom area, make sure to rinse with cool water. ...Use mild soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents and skip the bubble baths for now.... Keep your vaginal area clean and dry. Change underwear a few times daily to keep discharge away. If you have intercourse, clean up well afterwards since semen can cause irritation.Try adding a little vinegar when bathing to help balance the pH near the vagina. .. Important Notes:...Any persistent vaginal itching that you cannot bring under control with the above home remedies, or if you develop a fever or chills needs to be evaluated and treated by your doctor.
Answer: Dear,  If you have unbearable and suddenly start head pain,  better to consult your doctor. Headaches common during pregnancy,  Your hormone levels are raising and this can lead to daily headaches. Other common causes include dehydration, abruptly stopping your caffeine intake, increased stress, and poor sleep. Keep yourself hydrated , drinking water can ease ... try eating smaller meals more frequently (to prevent low blood sugar)...squeezing in a daily nap or practicing good posture ....start tea, coffee If you're feeling the headachy effects of cut back on caffeine ... Apply a hot or cold compresses to the painful area on your head or the base of your neck (use a frozen bag of peas for a cold compress or a damp towel soaked in warm water). Get a gentle shoulder and head massage.
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