26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hey I am 26 weeks pregnant, from last two days gas problem is like hell, plz suggest me some home remedies for that and have to go for potty four to five times per day so is it normal???

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Answer: Hi,it is normal to get gas problems during pregnancy. You should try this Take ginger honey paste twice a day 1 teaspoon Have cold milk Have peppermint Have yoghurt as it helps in digestion. Drink adequate water and liquids Have cocunut water This should help you to release gas
Answer: Take Milk after your dinner....
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Question: My baby have cold and cough Please suggest some home remedies Why like that so many times will make cold.
Answer: Hi dear, if your baby is again and again prone to cold and cough that means your baby's immune system is not yet properly developed. You need to boost your baby's immune system. Add more fruits and vegetables in your baby diet it will do wonder. Practice you baby to do some exercises to keep active. Always change baby's toothbrush after every 3 months avoid infection from mouth. Practice healthy habits in your baby like washing hands before and after meal. Give your baby at least 8-10 hrs of sleeping time. You baby suffering from cough and cold you can give your baby warm Ginger lemon honey mixture. Mixture of cinnamon ,jaggery ,black pepper and cumin is also effective. Serve you baby hot soup, hot milk and other hot beverages. You can also give warm bath two times a day.Encourage your baby to take hot steam. Hope this home remedy will help you.
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Question: My baby is two weeks old..she poops four or five times in a day and also its like watery..is that normal?
Answer: Hi dear, It is a very common problem for new born babies to poop that frequently.there is no need to panic.their digestive system is still developing and therefore the food gets processed very slow.feed your baby less but frequently.this will put less strain on baby's digestive system too.my baby used to poop after every feed.it became fine after 4 months.so have patience,this should be fine.you donot have to alter anything in your diet just eat home cooked food...
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Question: Suggest some home remedies to remove gas from Baby
Answer: Do exercise fold lega ands hands like u do when u massage baby
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