36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hey i am 35 weeks pregnant and the recent scan is showing excess grade lll maturity of placenta ..what does this mean? Is there anything to worry.

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Answer: Hello Dear placenta lll is nothing but ageing of placenta which happens due to stress and anxiety which will not let it work like normal n young placenta It will abrupt blood and oxygen supply and flow to the featus. This may lead to some complications in yur pregnancy like pre term labour and pre term delivery. But don't worry dear yur doctor is monitoring yur situation follow strictly the diet and routine given by doctor everything will be fine. Take care
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Question: hey guys pls tell me what does placenta maturity grade 3 means anything to worry
Answer: Hello dear, having a grade III placenta at 36 weeks is associated with an increased risk of pregnancy-related high blood pressure and having a low-birth-weight baby. Hence, ultrasound scans that show placental calcification at 36 weeks may help in identifying high-risk pregnancies. Please consult your doctor for detailed information. Take Care.
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Question: am 33 weeks pregnant n in my 8th month usg placenta is showing grade 4 maturity..wat does it mean?
Answer: Grade 4 means it's covering the cervix opening. Take rest and don't over exert yourself. No weight lifting it can cause bleeding. Taking bed rest can reset the placenta into correct position
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Question: according to my scan report I have placenta posterior grade 2 maturity. What does this mean. Is there something to worry about
Answer: No dear there us nothing to worry. Your placenta us towards your backbone which is ideal position for normal delivery.
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