14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hey..!! I am 13 week pregnant and I can't stand more than 10 minutes my tummy starts paining...can u please tell me what's d solution or what precaution can i take to get rid of my problem

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Answer: Because of your growning uterus you feel difficult
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    Preeti Sawant984 days ago


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Question: My vaginal part is very pain ..so i can't walk more than 10 minutes .i am 38 week pregnant. Wt i can do?
Answer: Hello dear. At this stage when your baby has taken the head down position the vagin pain and pressure is absolutely normal. I would say take rest for a couple of minutes after 10 min and then walk again. This is how I did it during my pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello my fetus getting hiccups continuosly for 10-15 minutes. Is there any problem and please tell me how to get rid from hiccups
Answer: Hello dear. A baby in the womb getting the hiccups is perfectly normal. In fact, no movement at all would be more cause for concern. Hiccups from the baby means its central nervous system is well-developed and sending the right messages to the brain. Your baby's hiccups will feel like a series of little rhythmic or jerky movements. It's a great feeling and all the best. Take care.
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Question: From some days my legs r paining if i stand for more than 15 minutes... it feels like weak.. what should i do??
Answer: hi dear! painful legs are very common in pregnancy you can apply oxalgin nano gel at the area where it is paining. also do visit to your doctor so that your legs can be examine . also at night make sure when you sleep the legs are elevated , puts 2-3 pillows under the legs . take care.
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