31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hey.. I am 8 months pregnant and today I felt something in my vagina.. just like the urge to pee along with movements in lower abdomen .. is it normal? please help !

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Answer: It is normal to feel the baby in lower abdomen as u r in ur 8th month, i too used to feel like this
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Question: Hi... Im 23 weeks pregnant nd from last day im feeling my baby movements in the lower abdomen, its like way down my vagina.. A week back baby movements were felt in upper abdomen... Im scared now.. Is it normal???
Answer: Hello dear, It is just the way the baby is positioned. Right now your baby is probably feet down and will need to flip before labor. They will more than likely move around a few times before birth. Because you are feeling them move low does not mean you will have them premature, it is just how they chose to get comfortable in your belly. No worries! It is normal. When u feel. Try to sleep on bed. Don't walk too much.
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Question: I am having pain in lower abdomen.. like in billy sides m just above vagina... is it normal
Answer: It is nothing to worry.. pain is due to expansion of uterus.. as baby grows pressure is applied on all internal parts.. stay happy and eat healthy
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Question: Today I felt like something is volume in my lower abdomen just above vagina and I found that portion very hard for a while. What was that? I don't know please help
Answer: Please walk in between 3to 4 hrs as if you are sleeping or sitting so that it doesn't stiff and drink jeers water
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