Question: Hey hi nw am 31 weeks pregnant can't even tolerate my back pain so i called my doctor nd they suggest me to do heat pack r else they told me to spray volini bt my mil told me to nt do anything like that... nd too whatever my mil says my husband wil go by their only he wil not even listen wat am saying it irritates me lot nd too my sil mil nd my sil husband fil they 4 are using me like a servant what they are telling i have to be like that only whatever it is they will only decide and they will inform to my husband and if i didt did means my husband will scold me i know they are playing double game between me nd my husband but my husband not even understanding that pls help me out from tis... if i think about these means am getting fainted for 1 hour witout conscious for that they are telling am acting... don't know wat to do

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Answer: Keso dosto
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Question: My in laws are behaving like hell.I am feeling like to kill mu baby or myself.They ar not listenting to me.Doing whatever they are feeling like.
Answer: Hi, please calm down. I have gone thru the same problem. You have to learn to face this. You are a strong mother. Don't give up dear. Nw you have to start thinking as a mother. No doubt grandparents have good experience and so their advices have some meaning, bit not always. You are a mother and can make your decisions. I understand their advice on every little matter must be irritating you but very nicely and calmly but firmly put your word. Don't be carried away by their talks and thinking. You should lay down your point in front of them very firmly, but if they don't understand you should not bother about them. You should only think of your baby. So relax, be positive and don't get any negative thoughts affect your mind.
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