5 years old baby

Question: Hey frndds! My son is also 5 year old. His weight was increasing well for 2 years but for past few years he is gaining weight very quickly. Please tell me what to do to control it?

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Answer: There could be many factors behind the rapid increase in kids weight. Occasionally it is also genetic. The sooner the control becomes, the better it is. You should meet a good genetic counselor and endocrinologist so that you understand the reason behind this, so that you can balance it well. Remove the substances containing sugar, oil and carbohydrate completely in his food. Ask him to play outside. Inspire him to participate in other competitions in the school. Do not make his habit of watching TV sitting in the house.
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    bec sel44 days ago

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Answer: Some tym baby get body sprain so they didn't drink milk any eat anything if u know how to fix then fix it aur call sone malish wali they will fix it..
Answer: Give barley water alternative days 1 glass boiled definitely this will help you to reduce the weight
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    Fariha Shaikh40 days ago

    U should give food to ur child twice in a day no need to remove any thing frm food give everything milk,eggs,fruits,juices each and everything he needs to eat a complete diet twice a day remember it could be very helpful to maintain the body weight of ur children without any weakness.

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