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Question: Hey f nds i m very tensed bcoz of my my sixth month baby's cough plz suggest me remedy

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Answer: First of all please avoid using of Vicks vapor on babies chest or any where as it is not recommended to use on chest specifically it dryups the cough which is really very harmful as my paediatric recommended...n it is banned in most of countries.......Dis is for all mommies whose babies are suffering from cold cough, consult doc first hve medicines along with medicines do some simple home remedies like Vaporizer,ShowerInfant, chest rubInfant, saline solution,Breast milk....Run the shower to make the bathroom steamy. Carry your baby into the steamy bathroom, staying there for about 10 to 15 minutes. Supervise the baby at all times during the steaming, and make sure the baby is clear of the direct path of the steam, which should loosen congestion, making it easier for the baby to spit it out.....Give the baby a soothing bath in warm water. Make sure the water will not burn the baby. The hot water will loosen the baby's mucus, making it easier for her to spit it out...Run a vaporizer in the baby's room to create steam. Supervise the baby while the vaporizer is running, ensuring none of the baby's limbs are exposed to the steam. The vapors will loosen the baby's mucus, allowing him to spit it out more easily....Rub the baby's chest with an infant chest rub from the local drugstore....rub mustard oil and garlic solution not hot but warm into the chest, and the aromatherapy, combined with the massaging action, should help loosen the mucus so the baby can spit it out.....Drop one or two drops of infant saline spray you can buy at a local drugstore into the baby's nostrils. Do one nostril at a time, and insert the liquid with a dropper, while the baby is lying down or gently tilted backward. The liquid will help soften hard mucus. Gently remove loosened mucus with a bulb syringe...and at last feed him frequent so that he will get stomach filld and pass stool many times mocus also cames along with stool.....I do all those first day when my baby looks like hvin cold......
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