28 weeks pregnant mother

Hey Dr. M now 25.3 weeks pregnant...I hd a scanning yesterday... n my Dr. Told dat der is a little water in my baby's kidney...? N she told dat it is minor problem... whats ur advice for me?

Take rest. The minor problem will not be there after delivery. Even if it's there doctor will do treatment after the baby is born. Don't worry
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Question: Hey.... I'm 30 week pregnant... But there is a little problem that my baby's position is not right, so what should i do now for normal delivery???
Answer: Hello, There is no way to force a baby to drop and engage in the pelvis, but there are a few things you can do that will make it much easier for him/her to do so. Sometimes, a baby won't drop because the pelvic outlet is too tight so getting a bodywork to release any tight ligaments can really help. Aside from this, work to open that pelvic outlet as much as possible: sit on a birthing or exercise ball instead of the couch or a chair as much as possible. Do clockwise and counter-clockwise hip circles on the ball as often as you can. Do some supported squatting as long as you can, especially in a warm tub (if possible). Sit in the cobbler's pose (put feet together and bring them in as close to your butt as possible, then gently flap your legs up and down). Get on hands and knees and do pelvic rocks. And, of course, walking,walking and being upright can help your baby move down onto your cervix so she's in the right position for labour.This means labour is more likely to start on its own. In addition, as you walk, it's thought that the rhythmic pressure of your baby's head on your cervix stimulates the release of oxytocin.
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Question: Hey all... My baby started pooping after every feed.. Dat to in little quantity... Poop is combination of water kinda thing n yellow seeds type is it normal??
Answer: You may have eaten spicy food or due to water change that causes little poop give him Himalaya bonisons twice a day it will cure stomach upset
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Question: My baby got 2nd vaccination on 2 july.but stil der is sm hardnes n rednes in dat area.n frm now morning it got swollen n a small boil hd appeared on it. I am worried.plz suggst wt to do..
Answer: Keep ice pack on it will get better. Infact whenever ur baby receives the vaccination keep ice pack as soon as u reacb hope it helps it in healing and do not caise any lump.
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