14 months old baby

Question: Hey doc my baby is 13 mnths old n she often catch cold n cough also he is not speaking properly he just blabbering all the time dont understand us at all what shiuld i do

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Question: My baby is having cough n cold she always vomits from the syrup given by Dr for cough she is not ready to take it.m very much worried
Answer: Dear you should give steam to you baby and also massage Justin thought with mustard oil and breast feed your baby more often because it have natural antibiotic in written
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Question: Hi..her baby birth weigh was 2.5kg. But still she is not walking, she was crawled at 10 months. Her weigh is also less she eats properly then too. Always infects with cold n cough. But active child ..understands our instructions n responses. Expresses her feelings etc. She cruises well n by crawling doards steps up n down. But am not getting y she is not walking yet? Plz reply low birth weight is d problem?
Answer: Their is nothing to worry some child do start walking late and if baby started everything in late phase and achieving milestones she will start standing and walking olso their is nothing to worry about And for cold oll u need to do is boast her immune system by giving her verities of veggies egg, fish,chicken, especially vitamin c kind of fruits and veggies wch will boast her immune system.Nd multivitamin.Due to weather change baby do suffer from cold and cough once she Willbe used to the climate she will be fine.😊
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Question: hey, my sis 5 n half month baby is not taking feed since yesterday, whenever she tries to feed, he starts crying , what ia the reason
Answer: Dear may be ur start bBy s not well that's why baby s rejecting milk .pls check it Dear babies r so smart they don't want to do efforts for breast milk that's why they reject breast milk nd prefer bottle feed .Dear if u have enough bf nd baby s not taking directly from breast take out milk wit breast pump nd give it baby wit spoon .avoid giving bottle its not safe .try it dear take care.🙂
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Question: Hi my baby is 2month and 22 days old..she is crying like having some problems.she doesn't poop last 4 days.iy seems she has stomach pain and also she is vomatting all the the time.
Answer: Your baby is perfectly fine even my baby used to remove the extra milk until 3 months nothing to worry and it is also normal not to do poop everyday. You can just massage the tummy in anticlockwise direction to remove any gas if there is continue breastfeeding
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