8 months old baby

Question: hey..baby k baad Mera weight kaffi bud gya hai..ab mei km kese kru??54 tha..ab 74 ho gya hai ..kya kru

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Answer: 1)Start your day with any fruit. 2)Never skip breakfast. 3)Eat something in every 2hours. 4)Increase your protein intake(daal, milk, non veg etc) for muscle gain as it is indirectly proportional to fat...more muscle mass lesser fat. 5) Dont sit for long hours. 6)Keep yourself physically active. You can climb stairs while playing with your baby, run if possible, do cardio and stretching exercises..squats lunges, planks 7)Exercise for minimum 40mins a day. It can be in breaks. 8)Eat dinner by 8pm and have very light dinner. 9)Avoid oily food. 10) Drink water at every hour
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Question: Normal dlvry h meri.. weight reduce kese kru....tummy km krne k liye kya kru
Answer: hi dear weight gain after delivery is common so don't worry you can get back your old shape after 6 month by doing regular exercise and following diet as you are feeding mother now you should wait 6 months because you are baby need enough milk supply if you follow any heavy diet that may affect your milk lactation . so after 6 month you can I do regular exercise post Phantom exercises or available on YouTube you can follow that and also you should follow heavy diet which includes no oily food no fried food no food outside healthy food like vegetables fruits should make your diet food eat more millets nuts horse gram. you can also take a herbal tea with boiling water adding coriander seed dormancy paper a slice of Ginger with one stick of cardamon you can add lemon and honey to the hot tea is hot tea on empty stomach every morning this will help you to burn the fat inside your stomach continue this this will help you to reduce weight also
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Question: Hey moms..mera baby day mei bilkul b nhi sota..plzz plzz plzz suggest something k mei kya kru?? Mujhe use utha k kam krna prta hai..kaffi thak jate hu..plz suggest k mei use day time kese sulau?
Answer: Hello, Dear I can understand your situation meri baby big shuru se jam soti hai. But agar baby active hai to aap baby ko toys de ya for koi big aisa chiz de taki baby ismai busy rahe and bus usko vahi rakhe jaha aap kam kar rai hai. Baby we baat karte rahe. Baby ko jab thak jaega to apne aap sone ke lea bolega. Kai baar baby islea bhi nai soti kyunki unko lagta hai aap chale had he to baby ko sula kar chale jaege. So jab big baby ko sulae to pas nai pillow jarur rakhe.. Baby ko din nai jyada thakae taki baby ache se so sake.
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Question: Mera weight 54 tha pehle ab 54.4 hai kya j time pr itna he weight hota hai
Answer: Yes...its normal to increase this much amount of weight during initial days of pregnancy...take proper diet. Which are full of proteins and other essential nutreints..along with the supplements. Weight gain will start rapidly during last trimester. Some women gain alot of weight throughout pregnancies while other dont gain much weight. What you need to take care is of baby weight. Baby need to have proper growth and weight gain which you get to know through ultrasound.
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