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Question: Hey all, my baby is four months old,, she has refused to take formula milk since last one month and my feed doesn't seem to fill her stomach. She lso is suffering frm motions since last month... dey get better n den again worse... now my doctor has asked to giv her dal n chawal ka pani,,, n rice cerelac too coz she has lost much ... and banana too... but i m very worried about d diet i m giving her and abt the motions ... pls guide

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Answer: If he is not taking fm then why he is getting loosemotions check yr diet atmosphere around the baby n hygiene. N if doc is saying to give semisolid than start them .in normal condition we tart after 6 bt yr Baby needs nutrition so follow ye doc
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Question: Hello maam, from last 1 month by daughter suffers from loose motions after every week ,1 week she gets treated n again after 1 week she gets ill, coz of this she has become very weak also. She is 18 months old n her molars r erupting so what should i do n what should I feed her coz she is only taking milk.
Answer: Hi dear. dear first of all you will have to maintain proper hygiene clean your babies toys the clothes bedsheet everything around your baby more often so that if you baby put anything in her mouth she will not get infection from those things because infection is the reason of this loose motion . and you boil some rice in water and extract starch out of it and add A Pinch of salt in it give this mixture to your baby thrice a day it will help curing loose motion and will also keep your baby's body hydrated . don't worry dear I babies taking only milk then don't worry because mother milk have a natural antibiotic in it so it will help your baby in the soothing pain and will also help in curing loose motion
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Question: My baby girl is 2 n half months old. She got her second vaccination this month and due to which she got fever too. her fever is no more but I m having fever since last three days. m scared to take medicine coz it might affect baby health. pls suggest what should I do coz my fever comes every evening time.
Answer: Please go to the doc and take some medicines. The doc will give you medicines that are safe to take while breast feeding.
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Question: Hi my baby is in her 10th month.. I m giving her light poha wd no spices only turmeric.lil salt n moong dal khichdi green dal khichdi carrot puree dhaliya with jaggery moong mashed dal mashed .. Chapati lil bite. What else should i give.. Cz she got bored frm these foods. Plz suggest something new cant feed him fruits cz she has cough ..
Answer: you can give porridge of suji, sago, dalia, rice flakes, ragi etc. Kheer of apple, rice etc. halwa of suji, atta, pumpkin, gajar, sweet potato etc. Khichri, upma, soft scrambled egg yolk, soups, mashed veggies with potato, mashed banana, stewed fruit and juice etc. You may maximum offer a child in this age 3 solid feeds and 3-4 milk feeds. Keep enough gap between his feeds, be it solid or milk to ensure that he is hungry. Again total milk amount can be between 500-650 ml maximum in a day, so that the child doesn't fill his stomach with milk only. Introduce one new food at a time, let the child accept it and gets used to it for few days. Introduce another new food only after a week. Do not introduce new foods back to back, it may confuse the child and would lower his acceptance. Try and keep the consistency thin to semi solid, depending on child's preference and swallowing/chewing capacity. Hope this helps.
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Question: My baby is very weak she is 14 months old and jst 7.80kg.. She is having my feed.. M trying to give her diff foods.. Like khichri dal cheese paronthi aalo n diff veggies she eat but she is not gaining weight m very upset don't know what to do.. I consult doctors dey said jst try to guve her more n more food n stop giving her milk..but dis is also not working till now.. M very upset😐
Answer: If your child is active, healthy and taking a proper diet but its weight is still not increasing then don’t worry. Also the weight of your baby depends upon the genetic constitution of parents. So, do consider it also. Some tips that could be useful to gain weight - • Include super rich foods like milk, yoghurt, banana, ragi, desi ghee, oats, potato, sweet potato, pulses, avocado, Khichdi, pumpkin, meat are consider as weight gain foods in babies and toddlers. • Always focus on a healthy diet rather than the high-fat foods. • Offer three main meals, two snack breaks and two times the milk to your child in its daily schedule • Promote your child to do the physical activities, which can help to increase child’s appetite.
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