40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hey all...i need to choose a birth plan but m pretty much confused delivery normal honi chahiye ya c-section...m very scared of the pain during the normal delivery....please share ur experiences if possible...what would be the best as m afraid i might not be able to manage the normal delivery pain.

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Answer: You will have high pain only for 15-20 min during delivery.. Every women can handle it physically.. Strengthening our mind is the more essential thing these days... Go for normal delivery if doctor can do.. You can do it efficiently...
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Question: Hey there... m 24 week pregnant... m really worried . M not able to sleep at night as m afraid of dark these days .though i open my doir n curtain everything that is possible .. m very afraid when night comes .. it seems as if i wont be able to wake the next day ... m not getting sleep ... plz suggest me some thing yr
Answer: See positive vedios do whatever things relax you don't get fear to let you down. This is a time it will pass and think about positive side on each and everything. This will surely help. Always remember you are not the only one who has that type of feeling there are others too who have more fear than you still they survive. Try to divert your mind to positive things as much as possible. I hope it helps
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Question: m pregnant for the first time and I'm afraid I won't be able to stand the pain of labor. My husband tries to reassure me, but he seems scared, too. What can i do plz tell
Answer: Don't worry dear ..god gives you the energy to have that pains and dear plz don't panic bcz it god gift so you enjoy it pregnancy time
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Question: how much pain is felt in normal delivery??? m very much scared...will i be able to bear those pains or not!!!!
Answer: The pain will be severe as we all know.. but if it is unbearable nobody will plan for second pregnancy again.. it depennds on how u handle ur pain.. if u practise breathing exercises and do good walk and pregnancy safe works then ur delivery would be easier.. a lot of positiveness and energy in u can help ur delivery pain easy to handle.. be confident and dont think about it now.. u ll automatically get strength when u are closer to ur labor and u may fave them easily as it comes.. so thinking about it now is not a good idea though it os difficult to stty away from those thought.. try to divert them and u can handle delivery better without fear and stress..
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