19 months old baby

Question: her growth is too low ... I have consulted with many doctors and they just gave me medicine and cyrup for her.. ..but she is not taking it easy

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Answer: If your child is active, healthy and taking a proper diet but its weight is still not increasing then don’t worry. Also the weight of your baby depends upon the genetic constitution of parents. So, do consider it also. Some tips that could be useful to gain weight - • Include super rich foods like milk, yoghurt, banana, ragi, desi ghee, oats, potato, sweet potato, pulses, avocado, Khichdi, pumpkin, meat are consider as weight gain foods in babies and toddlers. • Always focus on a healthy diet rather than the high-fat foods. • Offer three main meals, two snack breaks and two times the milk to your child in its daily schedule • Promote your child to do the physical activities, which can help to increase child’s appetite
Answer: Start giving multi grains malt and include lots of vegetables in her food... this will increase her immunity and help her growing up healthy and happy. Don't worry about late growth if ur child is healthy and active
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Question: Even i consulted with doctr she gave me medicine this is the third day... I take medicine too..
Answer: Hey I feel this is the second part of our query..well you please continue with the medicine your doctor gave you..no issue..
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Question: Hello mam, my daughter just completed her 2nd month before 5 day's, she is not taking my breast milk from past 1 week, in sleep some times she is taking and maximum she is rejecting milk, she is not even taking formula milk, just she is kicking while feeding and start crying, pls help me, pls tell me the solution what to do, till now we have consulted 7-8 doctors, they say she is normal just they say she is having colic problem and they give medicines, but frankly mam there is no use of such medicines prescribed by doctors. Pls suggest something
Answer: Have u tried home remedies for colic problem hing paste or ajwain ..i used to apply hing paste stomach pe nabhi ke pas ya fir ajwain ki potli bana ke usko halka garam kar ke bhi stomach sek sakti hai..mere baby ko bhi starting me same problem thi , 3_4 doctors ko bhi dikhaya ..sabne bahut sari syrups dawaiya di..kuch kaam ni aya..home remedies best hai..
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Question: I have pills after giving birth to my kid.. ☹️I went to many doctors they just gave me oilment 😩😩and I am suffering very badly plz help me
Answer: Same problem..have papaya daily...it helps in piles..garam taseer vali cheez na khaye..pilorute ointment h 2 hrs me sooth karti h but temporarily.. Stool hard na hone de..constipation se piles hoti hai...agar constipation hai to duphalac syrup 15 ml 2times le lo
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