32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hemoglobin today 9.7 1st weekof December delivery date but not taken iron due to piles what I do

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Answer: Hv more iron in ur food like beet root, spinach, amla, jaugary, guva, custered apple, dates, almonds, fig, black grapes dried, ground nuts etc.regularly. take rest peacefully. Be stressfree n happy. You will definitely increse ur hb
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    Madhumita Roy968 days ago


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Question: I am worried for my delivery my due date is 7 december what should i do
Answer: Hi! Please dont worry unnecessarily it decreases your chance of normal delivery as you r stressed out, stress is neither good fr you nor the baby.. Last few weeks please eat well sleep well, Increase iron, calcium nd magnesium , potassium in diet. Drink water. Less spicy food. Follow care as ur gynae says. Avoid drinking lots of water before bed as pee counts will disturb much needed sleep. Apply anti strechmarks oil daily. Tea nd coffee rules remain same i.e, 1-2 cups a day. Avoid acidic nd bloating foods specially at night. Read books like dr. Spokes baby and child care or another Prepare hospital bag, baby room, baby clothes, baby bath tub. Baby hospital bag. Feel nd enjoy baby movements in the womb. Follow what ur gynae says. Save energy fr delivery. Hope this helps!
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Question: My due date is 4 December but I am not getting labour pain. What to do?
Answer: Hello... Dear since you are nearing your due date, you may get pain at any time, so don't get worried, can try these remedies will help in getting pain, walking is the best exercise,to do for getting labour pain and vaginal birth,so walk as much as you can,keep yourself engaged active throughout the day,can do kegal exercises and squats,it will help to open the cervix and yields pain,be relaxed Da, because stress play an vital role in pregnancy, according to old wives advice we can mop and clean floor in squat position will ease labour pain,but dothat with supervision of elders,do do alone, because safety is very much important ,keep trying this tips,hope it works for you
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Question: My due date is 1st april...but not getting any contractions yet what to do
Answer: Hello dear Labour pain is a natural process. There is not a fix time to start, you can consider around your due date. Find ways to relax. Labour will not begin if you're tense, worried or trying hard to start labour. .. Go for a walk. If you are having contractions but are not yet in labour, walking can help get things going Have sex Take castor oil or evening primrose oil Eat spicy food Try nipple stimulation
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