33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hemoglobin k liye kiya kiya khana hoga anar k ilaba

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Answer: Kisne bola anaar se hb badhega 😂 eat spinach, jaggery, banana, other green vegetables...any food that has high content of iron!
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    Aisha Naaz731 days ago

    anaar or beetroot se hb bharta hain .. cheak krlo ap 😂😂

Answer: Take beetroot halwa juice soup and also beetrut tomato nd carrot juice .it will definitely help you to incrse HB level.
Answer: Eat dates as much as possible...its best for pregnant womans...it also eases the pain at time of delivery
Answer: You can drink a glass of beet root juice also eat liver of goat for fast recovery
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Question: Hemoglobin levels increase karne k liye kya khana chahiye?
Answer: Hello dear... The normal value for hemoglobin during pregnancy is 12-16mg/dL,decrease in this value leads to Anemia,mildanemia in pregnancy will cause to most women, because more blood is taken for baby's development, if you are not getting nutrients from your diet,it won't produce more blood and causes anaemia.. Intake of healthy diet helps you a lot.. Intake of folate rich items like whole wheat, cereals,oats, lentils Drink two glasses of milk daily You can have ABC (apple, beetroot,carrot) juice,will increase bloods,you can see difference in a week Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet,have green leafy vegetables in any form daily Make a habit of eating dryfruits daily,start your day with having soaked dryfruits in morning,it will surely increases hemoglobin Eat two soaked figs will increase the HB level If you are a non vegetarian,eat egg,chicken,fish weekly twice will help a lot..
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Question: Main 5 week pregnant hu. . . . . Or main roj ek anar khati hu milk ke sath kya ye khana mere bachhe k liye shi hoga?
Answer: Hi,milk is a very good source of calcium .yeh bohit healthy Hain. Anar us good for hemoglobin.isse aapko anemia ki problem or iron levels ki problem Kabhi Nahi give. Yeh Dino bohit hi healthy hitey hain.aur aap yeh Dino Khaa saktey hain.dont worry
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Question: Ots khana kiya fertility k liye atsha hai
Answer: Hi, do you means oats. Yiu can have oats as ut is good overall for the body and heart
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