30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Help please! I didnt take a thyroid test jn my 1st trimester. I am past 25weeks now and my recent blood report shows ths 5.04mu/mL. Hypothyroidism. Will this affect the baby? I am really worried. Please help!

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Answer: hi dear! so you will have to start thyronorm dear. consult your doctor and accordingly dosage will be given to you . and if treatment is not taken then it can affect the baby . but if you start the treatment and your thyroid gets in control then there is no problem dear. so make sure you start the treatment dear. take care
Answer: and you will have to repeat the test after 2-3 weeks to check for the levels again after the medication is started.
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Question: hello doctor, my thyroid level is 7.53microIU/ml, i am really feared about my baby. is this hypothyroidism affect my baby? please help me
Answer: hi dear! so yes this is hypothyroidism dear. but dont worry if you take your treatment like thyronorm then everything will be fine dear. also if this goes untreated that is when it affects your baby dear. so visit your doctor and take the medicine properly dear one in the morning and eat after 2 hrs .also do one more test that is anti tpo antibodies this is to find out the cause of the hypothyroidism dear. and dont worry just take your medicines and you will have to do your thyorid test again after 2-3 weeks to see the levels then. take care dear!
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Question: I am 6 weeks 6 days pregnant..my blood report shows THS 6.07mclU/ml...is that curable or is there anything to worry..
Answer: That's TSH, not THS.. This indicates that you have got hypothyroidism. But nothing to worry about, consult you Dr, she will give you medicine for it so that it will not effect the baby. Medicine for thyroid is completely safe.
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Question: I am 10weeks pregnant , my blood report for rubella shows IGg 22IU/ml
Answer: Dear always mention your complete torch test report because it is important to study cmv as well as IGM also I GG corresponds to past infection and immunity so if your reports are positive and it is only iGG positive then do not worry but if you are reports mentioned and IGM level and process is positive then you need to consult your gynecologist regarding IGM positive because it indicates recent infection
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