17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz help me my 4 month is gng on n i hv sync problem mera nose chock up ho gya he nt able to tk breathing dr ke pass jakr ayi also try ghrelu nuske wat to do will it effect on my baby

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Answer: Hello! please try to take steam many times during the day. You should get it cured fast as the oxygen you breathe also reaches your baby. Hence please do the necessary.
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    Nikita Navale1083 days ago

    thx sweety

Answer: tk steam of vicks
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Question: My baby z nt burping...she z 3 weeks old due to which she z nt able to pass stools also..she has gastric trouble...wat to do
Answer: Hi dear her burping is not causing had not passing stool it is very common for 3 weeks old baby do not pass stool especially if the baby is breastfed because breast with gets completely digested and there is no excretion is absolutely fine and would take some time to regularise the bowel system please give tummy time to the baby you can massage the navel area with ghee and hing paste you can also make the baby exercise with bicycle shorts it will relief the baby a lot. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 1mnth 9 days old. He is breathing faster n chest moves up down while breathing. From 8 days this problem is going on. He is nt having his milk also,formula milk as m nt hving enough brest milk. Sometimes he vomits all milk which he is drinking. Dr saying its normal but m nt geting wat to do
Answer: It is vry much normal. My baby is also having same problem. Feed ur baby in small portions frequently. There is nothing lke low milk supply n all, gud latching is necessary. Keep ur baby on stomach for some time that sound wl nt cme. Dnt wry all wl b k in few months
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Question: My Boy is 4month old. And he got cold now. Nose is blocked I guess he is not able to breath am able to hear some sound while breathing and sometimes cough also.. Help me on thi
Answer: Plz consult your paeditrican they will prescribe block clearing medications
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