5 months old baby

Question: Plis help me....i had a normal delivery 4 months ago...sometimes it nessesary to take heavy loads...on last friday i carry gas cylinder about 200 meter..till now my wrist cannot be normal i fill difficult to move..how should i do?is it dengerous.?

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Answer: It is dengerous till the completion of 6 months after delivery please don't lift heavy objects and u can go to a physiotherapist for wrist pain they will give u u. S therapy which will be helpful. Use wrist band while working. Do massage with moov or volini give warm water bath to affected areas. It will decrease ur pain and will be helpful.
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    Thimmy Singson708 days ago

    Thank alots....

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Question: Hi Dr i m 24 weeks pregnant .from last week i have left hand wrist pain while waking up in the morning it was severe .if i move my arms sometimes its getting sudden pain .its difficult to hold anything with this hand .do anyone experience this
Answer: Hi Dear! One of my friend had this and diagnosed with carpel tunnel i think you have also developed it. For her it went away post delivery but exercise did help her a lot; Wrist rotation, Open and close hands, stress balls. warm mustard oil with some turmeric. It has brought her some relief and she felt better you too can try this out but consulting with Dr. is important.. Hope you feel better soon.
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Question: why wrist nerves creates problem in moving my wrist due to which i am unable to carry things as it become very painful for me, unable to move my thumb , i am 25 weeks pregnant and facing this condition since 20 weeks, please advise me what to do and please tell me if it is normal during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear every pregnancy is different and some pains in pregnancy are fairly common. Joints pains are also common. Put your hands in lukewarm water with little salt.
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Question: I had c-section 3 months ago. I cannot feel a part of my belly skin just above the cut. My gynaec said that it is due to the veins that had been cut while operating. Is it normal?
Answer: It happens to most womeb dwar. Do not worry. It gradually reduces,it could be due to sensory nerve affection post spinal/epidural anesthesia or also because of some nerve damage at the site of cut. This never causes any trouble in future. For some women it takes about 6 months or even more to regain the sensations there.
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