4 months old baby

Question: Plzz help me how to gain baby boy weight he is 5months old but his weight is 5.5 ...

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Question: Plzz help me my baby is 5months old but his weight is only 5.6 Plzz but my friend kid is also 5months but his weight is 7kg what I should do to gain my baby boy weight
Answer: Please don't compare Ur babies weight to another baby and get worried. If the baby has doubled the birth weight by 6 months tripled by 9 and 4 times the birth weight by 1 year then u need not worry. Continue breastfeeding for as long as you can!
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Question: My baby boy is 3 months old now his weight is 3.500 how to gain weight
Answer: Baby boy weight should be 5 in average, he us bit low in weight , it does not matter, baby activity does matter, if your baby is breastfeeding then try to put some more but don't force and if formula feeding try to increase quantity slowly. And just check baby is sleeping for 16-18hours per day. Proper sleeping and having proper food helps to gain weight.
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Question: My baby boy 7 mnth old but his weight is 6 kg so how to gain weight of my baby
Answer: Hi give him idly dosa ragi porudge with little jaggrey and ghee give him banana and apple puree boiled potatoes with ghee and little salt include ghee in his diet and curd also
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